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La bière paillette

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A vast variety of flavours

A drink that dates back thousands of years, beer is available in a wide variety of styles, pairing beautifully with many dishes thanks to the richness of its flavours.

The basics for making a good beer :

  •    Pure water with a well-defined composition
  •    Barley malt for taste and colour
  •    Hops, to give the beer its aroma and bitterness
  •    Yeast, to impart a unique personality to every beer


They say that the history of beer is as old as that of bread. It has certainly been here since the first century of our city; in 1596—eighty-six years after Le Havre-de-Grâce was founded by King Francis I—La Brasserie Denis Glier appeared in the Notre-Dame district, the direct ancestor of La Taverne Paillette. Chronicles claim that, in September 1603, Henry IV of France enjoyed a pint here!

In the 1950s, "Paillette" beer was being savoured throughout Normandy and western France, but also around the world, boarding all major transatlantic flights from Le Havre.

At the end of 2004, hallelujah! Le Havre's prayers were answered. Our beloved Pailette beer returned, and many a triumphant glass was enjoyed. May all those who worked to bring about this miracle be forever under the benevolent care of Bacchus and Gambrinus the Debonaire, King of Beer.

Daniel Fleury
December 2004

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